"Copan Archaeology and History in the Community and its Museums"
Presented by William Fash and Barbara Fash

Copan, a well-known ancient Maya archaeological site in Honduras, has hosted numerous expeditions since the 19th century. Bringing that investigative history and knowledge together with a local community that has grown up with the site is a priority for our long-term research project there and the sustainability of the archaeological past. William and Barbara Fash will speak about their thirty-four years of experience at Copan, highlighting collaborative community participation in both field research and museums and its many benefits, which include fomenting deep friendships, cross-cultural understanding, and forging a new generation of cultural heritage custodians.

"Heritage-led Regeneration in the United Kingdom"
Presented by Ros Kerslake

In the presentation Ros Kerslake will cover the work of The Prince's Regeneration Trust in the UK. She will give examples of the Regeneration Trust's projects and cover the key lessons learned. The Prince's Regeneration Trust is a charity that works across the United Kingdom to help under-used or redundant historic buildings perform a new function, unlocking a regeneration of the wider community. It acts as an enabler, facilitator, fundraiser, adviser, partner and advocate. The Trust builds partnerships with local communities, the public and private sectors, donors and developers to ensure that important buildings at risk of demolition or decay are preserved, regenerated and re-used.

"Our Lord in the Attic, one building, many values"
Presented by Judikje Kiers

In the heart of Amsterdam's centre lies one of the city's oldest museums: Our Lord in the Attic, a 17th-century house with a hidden church in the attic. In 2003 the museum started a project focused on finding a balance between the presentation and the preservation of this important monument. First step was a risk assessment of the building and the collection and research on visitor impact. Now the house and church are being restored and preparations are being made for an extension of the museum to guarantee a sustainable future for this historical house.

"Revolution, Reform and Re-Thinking Sustainability"
Presented by Lisa Yun Lee

How can sustainability and historic preservation be at the forefront of struggles for social justice? In this presentation, Lisa Yun Lee, the Director of the Jane Addams Hull-House Museum, a National Historic Landmark in Chicago, Illinois, presents examples of innovative projects that expand the notion of sustainability and challenge some of the exclusionary principals of preservation to promote social and cultural sustainability and include a commitment to radical inclusivity and democracy. Through the creative re-use and re-purposing of history, Dr. Lee shows how museums and historic sites can become not only places that preserve the past, but inspirational places to re-imagine our collective futures.

"Falmouth Heritage Renewal: How the Falmouth Model Evolved"
Presented by William C. Marlatt

Falmouth Heritage Renewal was founded ten years ago to preserve the 18th and early 19th century Georgian structures in Falmouth, Jamaica's historic district, with the concept of leveraging it into sustainable, local prosperity through heritage tourism. The preservation work of Falmouth Heritage Renewal (FHR) has been accomplished through its ongoing training program for local Jamaican youth, using their new skills to restore historic homes and public buildings. The restored structures demonstrated to the Jamaican government and prospective commercial partners Falmouth's potential as a heritage tourism destination. With the University of Virginia, Falmouth Heritage Renewal has sponsored Field Schools for architectural students and restoration experts to study, measure and record the historic structures surviving in Falmouth. In 2008, Prince Charles visited our training center, and The Prince's Foundation subsequently awarded three of our local staff scholarships for intensive eight- month building crafts apprenticeships in the UK. This year, a $250 million joint venture between the Jamaican Port Authority and Royal Caribbean Cruise Line has redeveloped the Falmouth harbor into a heritage tourism destination featuring the restored Historic District. With the new port, Falmouth has indeed become a significant world heritage tourism site.